Abilities are the skills that cards use in battle. Most abilities are pre-determined on the card, and are unlocked at levels 0, 5 and 10. Once a card is evolved it can be raised to level 15 and acquires another random ability. See Skill Shuffle.

Ability LevelsEdit

Most abilities range in level from level 1-10. These levels do not change as the level of the card increases.


Some Abilities have a prefix. This usually describes a certain activation time for the Ability.

  • Desperation: An ability that is activated when the card has 0 HP and is about to be sent to the graveyard.
  • Quick Strike: An ability that is activated when the card enters the playing field (including reanimated cards).
  • Strike: An ability that is activated only once on the card's first turn.

Ability ListEdit

  • Individual Target

  • Multiple Target

  • Target All

  • Status Condition

  • Static Buffs

  • Debuffs

  • Attack Bonus ()

  • Special Attack Modifiers (non-numerical effects)

  • Defense

  • Counter

  • Healing and Reviving

  • Removal Skills

  • Hero Damage
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