Cards are the main portion of Lies of Astaroth. They are what you sacrifice for EXP, what you sell for gold, and, most importantly, what you battle with for fame, glory, and just for fun.

Each card has several key pieces of information on it; Faction, Stars, Cost, Skills, Attack, HP, Timer, and Level.

Faction - Cards belong to one of the four factions; Kingdom, Forest, Wilderness, or Hell. Each faction has its own strengths, weaknesses, and specialties.

Stars - Each card has a star level, from 1 to 5. Generally, the more stars a card has the more powerful it will become. Higher star cards also raise the Cost of a card, though.

Cost - Cost is one of the major factors that limit which cards can be in your deck. Players start with a total available Cost of 10, and that raises every level. The total Cost of your deck cannot exceed your maximum available Cost.

Skills - Every card has 2-3 skills available to it. While most cards start with one skill at level 0, every card unlocks skills at levels 5 and 10. Once a card has been evolved, it gains a random skill at level 15. This random skill can be changed and improved through skill shuffling.

ATK - The attack value of your card. It dictates how much physical damage your card will deal to the card directly across from it. ATK can be raised by increasing level and by certain abilities.

HP - The total amount of damage your card can sustain before being sent to the graveyard. HP can be raised by increasing level and certain abilities.

Timer - How many turns the card must be in your hand before it can be played. Opponent's round also counts as one turn.

Level - The current level of your card. It can be increased by sacrificing other cards and has an additional gold cost. Level can be increased up to 10 normally, or higher by evolving two level 10 cards of the same name.

Limited - Some very rare and powerful cards have either a blue or red banner in the top-right corner of the card marking them as Limited cards. A blue Limited banner signifies that only 2 copies of that card can be placed in a deck. A red Limited banner signifies that only 1 copy of that card can be placed in a deck.

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