Every five levels you will be rewarded with either gold, Magic Tickets, or rare cards. Below is a list of the prizes that can be obtained and the level required to acquire them.

ER Level Reward

Elves Realm Level-Up Reward

Recently released on the Chinese servers is a new tier of Level-up Rewards. Note, these are not yet available in the English version of the game.

Level Rewards
Level Reward
5 20,000 gold
10 Fine Turkey
15 50,000 gold
20 Dark Elf
25 100,000 gold
30 5x Magic Ticket
35 200,000 gold
40 Pleiade
45 Seismic Turtle
50 Phoenix
55 Cyclops
60 Banshee
65 Archmage
70 Jormungand
75 Basilisk
80 Ares
85 Leviathan
90 Tiamat
Level Rewards
Level Reward
95 Fallen Angel
100 Chaos Dragon w/ Evasion
105 Jormungand w/ Ice Shield 4
110 Tiamat w/ Holy Flame
115 Easter Bunny w/ Quick Strike: Reanimation
120 Anubis w/ Roar
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