Maddisy: You look reliable, I will hang around with you then.

Player: Your master is the almighty god, why don't you hang around with him!

Maddisy: I... I got a secret mission!

Player: I doubt that. I think you were dispelled by your master.

Maddisy: How could you know that... Well, nvm. From now on, you must take good care of me!

Player: .........

Maddisy: I am so tired. I see a house there. Let's get some rest.

Player: Careful, there's monsters!

Maddisy: Let me help you!

Maddisy: Let's edit your deck again.

Maddisy: Wow, you're really something. I think I'm going to stick around with you from now on.

Player: If I'm not mistaken, your lord is the great and mighty God of Prophecy. Why wouldn't you just follow him?

Maddisy: I, er, well... You see I have a super important secret mission.

Player: Really? So you mean you've been banished by your lord... haha

Maddisy: How... how could you know... ahh, it doesn't matter. You should consider yourself lucky to have me.

Player: ........

Maddisy: I'm sooo tired. There's a ranger's hut just up ahead! Let's go take a rest.

After Battle

Maddisy: If you want more cards, you can check out in Store. Now let's click Store.

Maddisy: As you can see, there are 3 types of card pack: Starter Pack, Magic Pack and Magic Coupon .

Maddisy: You can use gold you won from battle to purchase Starter Pack.

Maddisy: In Starter Pack, you may be powerful card such as Black Widow.

Maddisy: Crystal are gained from buying in real money, or can be gained by logging in the game every day.

Maddisy: You may get 5-Star powerful card such as Ares.

Maddisy: You can get Magic Coupon once you completed a map, or you can get it from official events.

Maddisy: You may get powerful 5-Star cards such as Seraph.

Maddisy: You are lucky! Our god has just secretly sent you a Magic Coupon!



Reward Condition - Victory

Reward - None

Enemy Level/HP - 1/1,000

Runes -

  • None

Deck - 



Reward Condition - 

Reward - 

Enemy Level/HP - 

Runes -

​Deck - 



Reward Condition - 

Reward - 

Enemy Level/HP - 

Runes -

​Deck - 


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