Maddisy: ...

Player: Just looking at you I know what you are about to say... You're hungry again, aren't you?

Maddisy: You really do know me.

Player: Ok, you just wait right here. I'll be right back.

Maddisy: I always feel like I should have 2 brothers.  A little pudgy one, and another to carry my luggage.

Map 9 - 3


Easy - Victory

Med - Beat opponent cards

Hard - 5 Kingdom cards in deck



All level 3

Gulf 3*

Stonewall 3*

Explosion 4*

Death Zone 5*



Chief Minotaur lvl 10

Chaotic Bear lvl 8

Chaotic Bear lvl 10

Wyvern lvl 6

Sandworm lvl 10

Sandworm lvl 10

Hydra lvl 10

Judicial Elf lvl 10

Tree guard lvl 10

Dryad lvl 10

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