Basic RulesEdit

  1. Raider will open as an Event.
  2. Players who reach level 15 can participate in.
  3. You will see the entrance of Raider on main screen after the event begins.
  4. Once Raider event starts, you cannot explore Thief anymore.
  5. The rules of Raider are similar as Thief. During Raider event, you have certain chances to encounter BOSS Lilith by Explore.


Introduction of Lilith BOSSEdit

  1. Like the Mysterious Thief, when you find Lilith BOSS, your friends can also fight  her.
  2. Just like Mysterious Thief, Lilith BOSS will disappear if no one defeated her within a given period.
  3. Each person can only find one Lilith BOSS a time.
  4. Lilith BOSS is classified into 5 different levels; from low to high is White (Easy), Green (Normal), Blue (Hard), Purple (Nightmare), and Orange (Extream).
  5. Lilith BOSS will randomly appear, the fourth level Lilith won't show up until you defeat all previous 3 levels(Lilith must be found by yourself); and the level 5 Lilith BOSS will appear with certain possibilities after you win the battles between all 4 levels (Lilith must be found by yourself).
  6. You can get Point by attacking Lilith BOSS, the higher level BOSS the more Points you can get.
  7. When your friends find Lilith, you can also attack her.
  8. It is highly possible to find high level BOSS in late stage of Raider event.
  9. Friends of discoverer will also get some Point from battle. You can check it out in Friends Contribution.

Easy Lilith 1


Event cardsEdit

During the Raider event, event cards will have an increase of HP and ATK. Those cards will revert back to normal after event ends.


Rules of Event PointsEdit

  1. You can receive points when you Attack or Kill Lilith BOSS and you can also get 10 card 5 star for landing the final attack to the BOSS.
  2. If you cannot defeat Lilith BOSS within the given time, 10000 points will be awarded.
  3. For Nightmare and Extreme Liliths, none of your friends will be able to attack your Lilith during the first 1 minutes. A message saying the Lilith refuses to battle you will be displayed if you attempt it.

Cool-Down time of Raider battlesEdit

  1. The Cool-Down time will increase by 10 minutes after each battle with the Lilith BOSS.
  2. If you have more than 30 battles with Lilith BOSS found by your friends, the Cool-Down time will increase by 30 minutes after each battle. However, the Cool-Down time increase after each battle with Lilith BOSS found by yourself will remain at 1 minutes.
  3. The Cool-Down time will be reset everyday at 00:00 (GMT-4) during the event period.
  4. When Cool-Down time reaches 1000 minutes or more, you are not allowed to attack Lilith BOSS again until it drops down to 0, or until you use crystals to reset the Cool-Down. [1]

Tips of Purple and Orange Lilith BOSSEdit

If player is unable to kill [Nightmare·Lilith] or [Extream·Lilith] within the limited time, the discoverer could find back the same BOSS again by exploring. By then the BOSS will remain the same status as the last battle. The times of Round will restart from zero even though the BOSS has been hit before.[2]

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