Skill Shuffle is the process of changing the advanced skill of an evolved card. Skill Shuffling is done on the Card Evolution screen, in the Shuffle Skill tab. To shuffle a skill you need a Target Card, an evolved card whose skill you want to change, and a Material Card, a card of the same name. The evolved card does not need to be level 15 to shuffle. The Material Card can be any level. You will not get better skills by shuffling higher level or evolved cards.

Advanced skills are ranked from D (weakest) to S (most powerful). When a  card is evolved it is given a rank D advanced skill that becomes usable once the card reaches level 15. Every time you shuffle a skill the Highest Skill Level rank will increase by one grade (D to C, or C to B, etc) and you will receive a new advanced skill that falls within your Highest Skill Level rank. Once S rank has been unlocked the odds of attaining a high rank skill are increased.

When shuffling skills you will not get the same skill as you had previously possessed. To avoid imbalancing the game the card's previous skills are taken into consideration when choosing a new skill. A card may only posses 1 of the protection skills (Dodge, Ice Shield, or Parry) or 1 of the spell defense skills (Immunity, Evasion, Reflection, or Magic Shield).

While initiLly the skill you get is random, after 10 shuffles you will instead be taken to a skill select screen, offering three choices, similar to that found during King of King events.

Skills such as the Faction Power/Guard and vulnerability skills can only be attained by their applicable faction. Ex: Only a Kingdom card can receive Kingdom Power or Halo as a shuffled skill.

Listed below are some of the skills that can be attained from Skill Shuffle. This list is still in construction. If you find any skills that are not listed please message either Lameria or Kimi .

List of Available SkillsEdit

Hell Wilderness Kingdom Forest
y Pollution 3456
y Assassination 3456
y Halo 3456
y Vulnerability 3456
y Bloodsucker 56
y y Counterattack 567
y y y y Retaliation 456
y y y y Trap 12
y y y y Thunderbolt 56
y y y y Lightning Chain 456
y y y y Electric Shock 456
y y y y Iceball 56
y y y y Nova Frost 456
y y y y Blizzard 456
y y y y Fireball 56
y y y y Firewall 456
y y y y Firestorm 456
y Bite 56
y y Venom 6
y y Smog 456
y y Toxic Clouds 456
y y y y Parry 567
y y Healing 56
y y Regeneration 45
y Prayer 345
y y y y Snipe 456
y Hells Power 345
y Wilderness Power 345
y Kingdom Power 345
y Forest Power 345
y Hell Guard 345
y Wilderness Guard 345
y Kingdom Guard 345
y Forest Guard 345
y y y Rejuvenation 56
y Resurrection 12345
y y Weaken 67
y y y Group weakening 567
y y y y Backstab 45
y y Self-destruction 345
y Curse 345
y Blight 56
y Bloodthirsty 56
y Craze 56
y Plague 56
y y y y Reflection 12345
y y y y Combustion 345
y y y y Fire God 2345
y y y y Laceration
y Magic Shield 456
y y y y Resistance
y y D_Firestorm 6
y y D_Electric Shock 6
y y D_Blizzard 56
y y D_Toxic Clouds 6
y D_Plague 6
y y D_Healing 6
y y D_Regeneration 56
y y D_Prayer 6
y y D_Curse 6
y y D_Group weakening 6
y y D_Fire God 56
y y D_Trap 2
y y y Dodge 345
y y Concentration 2345
y y Puncture 345
y y QS_Firestorm 5
y y QS_Electric Shock 5
y y QS_Blizzard 5
y y QS_Toxic Clouds 5
y QS_Plague 5
y y QS_Healing 5
y y QS_Regeneration 5
y QS_Prayer 5
y y QS_Curse 5
y y QS_Group weakening 5
y y QS_Fire God 5
y y y y QS_Trap 2
y y y y QS_Exile

Shuffle CostsEdit

Each time you Shuffle a card's ability the cost of the next Shuffle is increased.

Three Star Card
Times Shuffled Gold Cost to Shuffle
0 80,000
1 88,200
2 98,200
3 108,200
4 118,200
5+ Add 10k to the previous cost
Four Star Card
Times Shuffled Gold Cost to Shuffle
0 120,000
Five Star Card
Times Shuffled Gold Cost to Shuffle
0 320,000
1 344,000
2 384,000
3 424,000
4 464,000
5+ Add 40k to the previous cost
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