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The Thief is a random encounter that shows up occasionally while Exploring. When your own Thief, or a Thief that you landed the finishing blow on, is defeated, you are rewarded with two cards. If you assist in defeating a Thief, but do not finish him, you are rewarded with one card. Thieves start at level 1 and go up a level every time you defeat one. A Thief's level cannot exceed 20 levels past your current Heros level, or level 100.

Thief HP is the combined HP of all of the cards in his deck. A Thief can only be defeated by defeating every card in his deck. Damage dealt to his cards carry over between battles. If you fail to defeat the Thief, but do damage to it, you can attack it again once your cooldown timer has refreshed and try to finish it. The Thief will also be revealed and be able to be attacked by everyone on your Friends list once you have attacked him once.

Thieves come in two varieties; Mysterious Thieves and Legendary Thieves. Mysterious Thieves are the run-of-the mill Thieves. Legendary Thieves have much more HP, better cards, and offer much better rewards.

Below is a list of cards that are obtainable from Thieves.

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