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Event: Card Collection Event!

Time: July 15th, 2014 03:00:00 ~ July 21th , 2014 23:59:59

Server: Gaia, Titan, Mars, Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Odin, Rhea, Thor

Content: During Event Time

  • Combo A: Collect any 30 3-Star Cards, you will receive rewards: a new 3-Star Card Battle Dancer  *1, Crystal *100, Magic Tickets* 3
  • Combo B: Collect any 12 4-Star Cards, you will receive rewards: a 4-Star Card 4 Hell Bear * 1, Crystals * 300, Magic Ticket * 4.
  • Combo C: Collect any 5 5-Star Cards, you will receive rewards: a rare 5-Star Card Red Fox * 1, Crystal * 500, Magic Ticket * 5.


  1. You can collect cards by all available ways in game, including Crystal Pack, Race Pack, Time Limit Pack, Maze, Thief, Tournament, Clan Store, Merit Rewards etc.
  2. You will get the rewards as long as you meet the requirements during the event time.
  3. .Those cards that obtained before this event do not count; the only matter for this event is number of cards, i.e. many same cards in a row also count.
  4. Players can only claim once.
  5. Please notice that do not use the collecting cards as material to enchant or sell, otherwise you may not receive your prizes.
  6. LoA Team reserves rights to interpret this event.
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